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Estate & Garden Tour

Nestled on six stunning acres atop Wailuku Heights, Lona Ridge offers a truly breathtaking and sweeping view of Central Maui. Complementing the majestic bi-coastal views, the inviting grounds of Lona Ridge are an added delight.  The estate is a unique- and privately-owned “farm” that features indigenous native flora and some of the rarest trees (such as Koai’a, Sandalwood, Olulu, Ohia Lehua, Mamaki, and Hapu).   

A tour of the grounds is both fun and enlightening — full of information about the plants, sights, and architecture, and with anecdotal insight into the culture and history that envelopes both the estate and Maui itself!

  • Personal guided tour by none other than the Estate’s Owner, Leona Wilson
  • Learn about the indigenous native flora & fauna
  • Discover cultural treasures of Maui from the Plantation era
  • Learn how a kid from H-Poko (plantation camps) stitched work ethics learned on the plantation into a lucrative fashion career
  • Learn how this mansion offers youngsters a pattern of success

Maui’s Exclusive Honey Tasting Tour

Take a journey with our very own Apiarist as she shares her knowledge of how these busy bees make honey.

  • Sample a variety of honeys, compare to the unique flavor of our very own Estate Honey
  • Find out about the Queen bee and her workers as they tirelessly work the “comb”
  • Explore our relationship with bees through stories of folklore and mythology
  • Learn about the history of beekeeping in Hawaii, as well as the global impact of pollinators.
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American Style Bento Box Lunch

Enjoy your Picnic Lunch prepared for you from the Students at one of our finest Culinary Schools in the State, UH Maui Culinary Academy.   The presentation is all about the Plantation days meets the Modern Students. Includes Lona Ridge’s signature Plantation Ice Tea 

Cost: $50.00 per person – Estate & Garden Tour Only (approximately 2 hours)

Deluxe Tour Combo: $110.00 per person – Estate & Garden Tour/Honey Tasting Tour/American Style Bento Box Lunch (approximately 4 hours)

Custom Tours & Rates for Groups:  Minimum 10 Guests/Maximum 50 Guests

Hawaii General Excise Tax of 4.167% is applicable to these rates.