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Lona Ridge.  A little bit of heaven in paradise.

Nestled on six stunning acres at the foothills of Mt Kahalawai (House of Water), also known as the West Maui Mountains, Lona Ridge offers a truly breathtaking and sweeping view of Central Maui — from northern coast to southern coast.  The magnificent vantage point of this beautiful property, 1200-feet above sea level, is home to Ms Leona Wilson

Complementing the majestic bi-coastal views, the inviting grounds of her home are an added delight.  The property is a unique and privately owned; one that features indigenous native flora and some of the rarest trees (such as Koai’a, Sandalwood, Olulu, Ohia Lehua, Mamaki, and Hapu).   A walk in the garden with Leona is both fun and enlightening — full of information about the plants, sights, and architecture, and with anecdotal insight into the culture and history that envelopes both her love for the ‘aina (land) and Maui itself!

Lona Ridge is a visit worth experiencing!